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I've been a big supporter of FIRST Robotics for years. I've done a lot to help build the relationship between FIRST and Microsoft. In this picture Iam talking with Dean Kamen about that relationship at the 2011 CS & IT Conference. The woman on my left is Suzi Levine, then with Microsoft and now the U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Dean Kamen with Microsoft people

At the 2012 FIRST World Championship event I had the chance to discuss FIRST, the Kinect sensor and other innovations with Woody Flowers the amazing professor from MIT who helped create the FIRST program.

Alfred Thompson and Woody Flowers

Rob Miles is an outstanding lecturer from the University of Hull in the UK. I am a big fan of his books and his blog. After knowing each other online for years we met in person at the World wide finals of the Imagine Cup in New York in 2011.

Alfred Thompson and Rob Miles

Another of the many outstanding educators I have been able to meet in recent years is Lou Zulli (pictured below) Lou does amazing things with his high school students in Florida and has received national and international recognition for his work.

Alfred Thompson and Lou Zulli

I was pleased to give some talks on using the Kinect in education at TCEA in the winter of 2012. Visiting Texas for TCEA and other business have been a joy for me the last several years.

Alfred Thompson at TCEA

When the Kinect sensor was first out I was asked to do a talk on how it works at Boston's famous Museum of Science. It was recorded and museum staff gave the presntation themselves several times after that.

Alfred Thompson Presenting at Boston Museum of Science

I'm a big fan of the Imagine Cup. In the spring of 2012 this team of high school students managed to finish second in the US in the game challenge. Most of them were juniors so I can't wait to see what they do this year. Their teacher/mentor Pat Yongpradit (on the far left) is a truly gifted teacher who I am proud to call a friend.

Top ranked Imagine Cup game team

On a recent visit to MIT I was able to get my picture taken with the Scratch mascot. Yes it is made of Lego blocks. It's pretty cool but then so is Scratch.

Alfred Thompson and the Scratch Mascot

The last two years I have helped with the development of curriculum for South Dakota GEAR UP which is a summer program for students in that state. I have also helped training the trainers who actually work with the students. In this picture I am with the team of students who had the best project after the first year (summer 2011)

SD GEAR Up sstudents

Here I am presenting a workshop on Kodu for a group of teachers and high school and middle school students in Vermont.

Alfred Teaching Kodu

Below I am presenting a workshop of programming with the Kinect sensor for use with in FIRST robotics competition at FIRST HQ in Manchester NHSpeaking at FIRST Robotics

Robert Scoble and I at a John Edwards rally the day Edwards announced he was running for President. Robert and I first met while we were both at Microsoft and run into each other from time to time. I have no idea why we were not smiling.

Alfred Thompson and Robert Scoble